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Who Would Of Knew
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"Challenge yourself to be  greater than what you expect"
    M O R-C R I S

"StageLife -EP" dropped back in 2012. At the time I thought, "I am looking to move my career into the next "StageLife".  The very next year I had an interview on "The Rude Jude Show" on Sirius Shade45 with Lord Seer for the song "Wonder" on the hateitorloveit segment. Later in 2013, I had my 1st Local Radio interview with "Elite1" for Power103.5. I had a 30 minute set with the songs "Winner", "Wonder" & "Fresh".  We dropped the

Mor-Cris & EZ project late December of 2017.  All the tracks are produced by Lexi Banks Music.  Most of the songs were written a few years ago.  My cousin, EZ, is on these songs blazing some funky old school blues sounds.  Get it all here now!!!

 'I am looking to   move my career   into my next,   "Stage Life". 


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