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"I believe my escape with music has afforded me all the luxuries to generate the ideas to be creative with my talent.  My talent comes from a supernatural place, so one may need to be accepting to the chance, that what ONE may hear what I do with music, ONE should also acquire an assumption that I'm good at it."

Artist Bio: Christopher Moore

Born: July 7, 1982

Birth Place: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This is a biography of an artist with a lot of inspirational moments that will enable him to continue with his success. 

Christopher Moore is a fresh, young, talented artist from Oklahoma. The beginning of his life brought daily challenges as he grew up in a setting surrounded by poverty as the youngest sibling of 5 children under a single-parent household led by his mom.  He remembers enjoying music from a very young age while watching music videos, award shows with his siblings and being entertained by all genres of music.  There was a time where he lived with his Uncle who introduced him to the drums and the sound of rhythm. His cousin tried to put together a fun music group with Christopher and other family members and sing songs like “All I do is Think of You”.  He realized music was something that he truly loved participating in, listening to and the joy it brought to others and how it brought people together.


During his young years, he experienced losing friends to death, dropping out of high school and turning towards the streets for help.  This direction only led to lies, sex, violence and drugs which were all monopolies of failure.  In addition, he also survived three serious car accidents that have had lingering lifelong effects.  Hard times eventually turned to trusting Jesus Christ where he was shown a fresh start and with perseverance, his troubles transformed into changed habits and a new season of productive opportunities.  Christopher Moore believes God has given him the knowledge, wisdom and truth of good faith to excel in a career with the talents God graced him with and that he truly enjoys.  It is in this artists blood to entertain.  God gave him this powerful tool and when he is performing a show, he feels there is nothing that can hold him back. 

Currently, Christopher Moore is working to get his name out to local clubs and bars while also working on new songs, beats and producing upcoming albums.  He has learned that this business is a desired passion that has shown him that he has nothing to lose.  Throughout his life, his greatest motivations have been God, his sons, his family, his hard work and sacrifices to show the world that he has what is takes to dominate the music business.  It’s easy to say how good someone is but like someone once told him, the proof is in the pudding and this music is your proof. 

An additional historical note in regards to Christopher Moore’s family:

His bloodline consists of the first black slave song which Wallace and Minerva Willis (his ancestors) wrote “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”.  The history of this song was highlighted in the USA Today on August 15th, 2006 in which Kim Burge, Christopher Moore’s father, was interviewed.







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